Road Ready Motorcycle Luggage

Road Ready Motorcycle Luggage

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Q.  Do I need a luggage rack?

A.  No, Road Ready's Backrest mounted bags if properly used do not need a luggage rack' on most motorcycles. (Models with backrests less than 6" high and/or bobtail fenders will need a rack.

Q.  How do I measure my backrest for custom fitting?

A.  We will need the width of you backrest pad.

Q.  Are Road Ready bags really waterproof?

A.  Yes, provided you make sure all zippers covers are down and the bag is properly mounted. We recommend owners treat their bags with a waterproofing spray one year after purchase, and once each year after.

​Q.  What happens to my custom fit bag if I changes sissy bars or motorcycles?

A.  Simply return your bag with the demensions of your new backrest and $18.00 for return shipping and we will take care of the rest.